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> Hello,  my X-husband was killed in a motorcycle accident last year Sept. 29th and belonged to the Dawson County Ch. He left behind a 19 yr old daughter  in her first year of college, a Mother, 2 sisters, a Brother-in law, several nieces and nephews, and not to mention a ton of Brothers and Sisters! Since the day that took him from us, I have never met a bunch of bigger hearted men and women that were complete strangers to us at the time, and now are considered a part of our family! Our daughter was very close to her Dad, even though we live in Illinois, a day didn't go by that a text or a phone call wasn't exchanged between the two! So as you can imagine this was very devastating. Well we packed up and headed for Ga to try and sort out the things we needed to take care of. On the way down we received several phone calls from Sid's Brothers offering us housing and what ever we may need while in town, we had planned on spending 2-3 days, well 7 days later we were included in a memorial ride and benefit for her college fund! Words can not express how we felt, the amount of compassion was something that we have never experienced from anyone let alone total strangers! There were bikes for as far as the eye could see, Sid was about to take his last ride on the bike that my daughter sat on! She kept her had on that saddle bag for the entire ride, it was truly heartbreaking. I just wanted to send out a great big shout out to Dawson Co! We are about to pack up and once again head to Ga. as the one year anniversary approaches, the Brothers and Sisters of Dawson Co. have once again amazed us by setting up the 1st annual Sidkrazi poker run and benefit to continue raising money for her college, oh and buy the way they have made a commitment to pay for all her books each semester and have done so! What they have done for us has truly changed our lives! I know that you guys hold several state and national rally's and if there is any way you guys could recognize The Dawson Ch. for all that they have done for us it would be truly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts! Also the Fields from your Ky. Ch. and to all Wingmen who will forever hold a special place in our hearts!

P.S. I can't wait for the day she gets married and she has about 25 Dad's to walk her down the isle!
Congratulations to the newest chapter added to the motorcycle club

Southeastern Kentucky
Posted Sept 12, 2011
Congratulations to the newest chapters added to the motorcycle club

Fayette County West Virginia
Northwest Florida
Jacksonville, North Carolina
- Webmaster
Posted Jan 20, 2011
Congratulations to the newest chapter added to the motorcycle club

Rockingham, North Carolina
Check the Rockingham, North Carolina page for events and items of interest.
- Webmaster
Posted Apr 13, 2010
Wingmen MC sponsors DJ to ride in the Hoka Hey Challenge
For more informattion about DJ and his 7000 mile ride from Key West, FL to Homer, AK visit his website:
- Webmaster

Posted Sept 15, 2009
Congratulations to the newest chapter to be added to the motorcycle club
Beaufort County, South Carolina
Check the Beaufort County, South Carolina page for events and items of interest.
- Webmaster

Posted Aug 17, 2009
30th Anniversay Bike Discount
Any "Wingmen MC" patcholder who buys a bike during the 30th anniversary will get the following offer:
$500.00 off a 2009 / $500.00 gift card or $500.00 off a 2010
Visit the website links page for the link to the website
- Cape Fear Harley

Posted Apr 15, 2009
"Good Bikes, Good Friends, Good Times, and Bad Women"
"Good Bikes, Good Friends, Good Times, and Bad Women" is being reprinted and available in late April. There will be 40 copies. Flyers have been sent to chapters and pre orders will be taken.
- Murf

Posted Jan 20, 2009
Congratulations to the newest chapter to be added to the website
Little River, North Carolina
Check the Little River, North Carolina page for events and items of interest.
- Webmaster

Posted Oct 23, 2008
Book Now Available on the Life and Times of the Wingmen MC
On Eagles Wings is the true and somewhat crazy story of the life and times of the WINGMEN MOTORCYCLE CLUB. Written by John Humphreys with lots of help from his brothers, like Patrick Murphy (who wrote the companion book-Good Times, Good Bikes, Good Friends, and Bad Women), the book is a fun ride with over 40 pages of photographs that take you there.
The book is only $35.00 and looks good on your coffee table so dont be cheap. On sale now to the public at Wingmen events and the Fayetteville clubhouse.
Order two or more and John will pay postage. (Make John sign it) Click on the poster image beneath the Swap Shop button to the left or click here.
- You can call 910-531-3853 or Email:

Posted Sept 26, 2008
Congratulations to the Newest Chapter of the Wingmen Motorcycle Club
Dawson County, Georgia
This website goes active. Check back for news, events, and chapter updates. New information will be added as soon as possible. Contact the webmaster to post information or ask any questions.
- Webmaster


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